Foods That Increase Production Of Insulin

Are there really foods that increase the production of insulin? This is a significantly important question that many people with advanced insulin resistance might need to know. In people who have developed insulin resistance they are looking for foods which increase insulin production because the more insulin they produce the faster their blood sugar levels will decrease. The hallmark of insulin resistance after all is having elevated blood sugar levels for too long. When this happens damage can be done to the body.

It’s not that eating food to improve insulin production is the magic bullet for preventing diabetes the point here is to supplement other tactics in the struggle to reduce insulin resistance and manage blood sugar levels better. Before anyone should start resorting to eating food to increase insulin production two other things must be started first. You should start an exercise program because exercise is the best way to decrease insulin resistance and return insulin levels to a normal range.

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Second ay diet designed to reduce insulin levels should first start with a regimen designed to encourage weight loss and minimize complex refined sugars as these help in causing insulin resistance especially in people who are in active. Only when your diet has been changed and you have started exercising should you consider tweaking the foods you eat as a means of increasing insulin production.

If for instance you have taken the first steps to improving your insulin levels then looking to the specific foods you eat is a viable alternative. To start of you should make sure you are eating lots of fiber as this helps regulate insulin sensitivity. Foods rich in ALA help do the same. Additional studies have shown that foods containing citrus peel extract and cinnamon are additional ways to support insulin management.

Remember eating these foods alone will not do all the work for you. To give yourself a fighting chance, to fully answer the question of how to reverse insulin resistance, to adequately control blood sugar and insulin levels, you have to start exercising. There is no other option. You may find it uncomfortable for a long time but doing o will add healthy years to your life that would otherwise be spent nursing diabetes and insulin related problems.

Yes, you may life for a while even with diabetes but living free from the condition will be much more worthwhile to you and your loved ones as you age gracefully. The production of insulin is something that even medical science has yet to fully understand so do yourself a favor and avoid the problem in the first place. You don’t want to be hooked up to an insulin pump when you get old.

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