Free CNA Training To Start Your Health Care Career

Employers, the Red Cross, and vocational training centers all offer free CNA training for qualified individuals who wish to pursue a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Some facilities even offer a good portion of the training online. Although the training is free, you may be required to pay for and pass an exam administered by your state. You will find that your CNA training classes are a lot different than a traditional school environment

The Benefits of Free CNA Training

CNA training classes provide you with the opportunity to learn hands on through various clinicals. Your traditional coursework may be available online or in a classroom environment. By contacting potential employers, you might find a hospital or clinic that is willing to provide with nursing assistant training for free in exchange for working for them. So don’t be shy. Make a list and call or visit their HR department to find out. Don’t forget about long term care centers as well. These can be great places to start your career.

While some hospitals may be large enough to house their own training facilities, usually they have an arrangement with a local community college to provide the course to students. If you can’t find an employer to cover the training, there are scholarships available for qualified students who wish to pursue a career as a nurse’s aide. The benefit of obtaining one of these scholarships is that not only will they pay for your training course, but they will also cover the cost of your CNA exam. Check with your state’s Department of Public Health for full details.

For those who feel a calling to server both their fellow man and their country, the Armed Forces might be the right path for you. In fact, they even offer programs for spouses. The Air Force has a program called the Aid Society Spouse Employment Program. This program will allow for up to ten spouses of active duty personnel to receive free certified nursing assistant training.

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