Genetically Modified Foods and Health

These days, food supply has evolved tremendously. Over the years demand for food supply have increased. There is a fast growing human population that needs to be fed. This significant demand resulted to a need to shorten plants and animals growth time in order for it to be harvested fast. We now hear debates on genetically modified plants and animals. The center of controversy is if this food sources are healthy for consumption.

First being genetically modified means one thing, it’s not natural. Experts on this process introduce changes on the plants or animals normal process to speed up its growth. At other times, they introduce the change to also increase plants or animals productivity. For example for chickens, it takes nearly 5 months to see an adult chicken. Now, chicken can be adults as early as three months. Of course, since it’s not the normal growth time, chemicals are introduced to speed up the process. This is of course the result of careful study and experimentation.  Naturally, since chemicals were introduced in the process, some people are concerned with its implications on health.

Second, since it’s genetically modified, it means that the species genes were disturbed. By that, there could be some modifications made on its genes properties. That is why these days you get to see mutant plants. For example you now get to see plants in very big sizes. There are really no proven health risks yet but it’s still a concern for health conscious individuals. Mainly because the change in genetic makeup could mean some nutrients maybe lost or reduced to lesser amounts.

Last, lost nutrients in genetically modified food sources may mean you need to eat more of it. For those conscious with body fat, that’s a concern. In our chicken example, it could mean more bad cholesterol. Naturally it means additional unnecessary fats in your body especially in the belly area where fats build fast. That would mean additional effort to exert on how to lose belly fat. This should not be too much of a concern though. There are a lot of exercises to lose belly fat. You can do cardio and aerobic exercises. If you’re already doing these exercises then increase your time spent on it to burn fats faster. Bottom line is, genetically modified foods or not, you need to keep your body fit and healthy.

Thus, genetically modified foods help increase food supply but just how healthy it is, we don’t really know yet. We can only do our best to stay fit and as healthy as we can.

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