Should You Get A Shower Head Water Filter?

Many people filter their drinking water to help remove some of the chemical residues that are present as a result of the purification process, however no-one really things to filter the water that they use to wash in. Our skin is our largest organ, and soaks up the substances it comes into contact with, which is why you should consider fitting a water filter to your shower head.

One element that compounds the problem is the fact that when you shower you use hot water, which allows the chemicals present in the water to evaporate into the air, so not only are you absorbing them through your skin, but also inhaling them in the steam from your shower. There are specially designed shower heads that have inbuilt filters to help eliminate a large amount of these toxins, or if you would rather not change your shower head, then you can get a water filter insert to use with you current one.

If you are not convinced of the potential health benefits, then why not try a water filter for a few weeks and see if you notice the difference. You may well find that your skin feels softer and smoother, and requires less moisturising, you might also feel more invigorated after your shower. Bathroom shower head water filters are fairly cheap and easy to install, so you really have nothing to lose by trying one.

If you do give a filter a go and decide that you have noticed some benefits of not showering in spray of chemicals, then you will have only gained in the health stakes, and you may wish to share this with friends and family who are also showering in potentially toxic water. While it is important that our drinking water is free of bacteria and other harmful organisms, it is equally important that a side effect of this purification isn’t to the detriment of our health in other ways. A shower head water filter is just one way you can ensure you are minimising your exposure to potentially harmful toxins in your day to day life.

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