Get to Know Some Liposuction Side Effects

If you’re looking to get rid of excess fat from your body and you’ve tried everything else from diets to exercise, one of the methods you can opt for is liposuction.  In this surgical procedure, the excess fat you’ve been dealing with can be gone.  While this might seem like an easy way out, it does pose some potential  liposuction side effects and also some possible  liposuction risks.  Out of all these, the most common are uneven skin, infections, excessive bleeding, scarring, damage to internal organs and negative effects from the anesthesia.

In more detail, with regard to liposuction side effects related to uneven skin, when excess fat is sucked away from parts of your body like your thighs, there will now be more skin on your thighs and no fat to cover for.  Rather than achieving a toned and smooth look, you’ll get liposuction side effects of bumps, dimples and so on.  You might have gotten rid of the fat in your body but still look flabby with excess uneven skin jiggling about.  As for the liposuction risks related to infections, a hollow instrument has to be inserted under your skin to suck out the fat.  Therefore incisions have to be made on your skin.  In the course of healing, bacteria can get into the incision and cause serious infections.  In line with this, hemorrhage is also one of the liposuction risks.  From the small incision, bleeding might not stop.

Another one of the  side effects from liposuction is scarring.  Again, in the location where the incision was made, a scar might result.  In some cases it can be in a very inconspicuous place but what if it’s highly visible?  Yes, you’re slim and trim but an unsightly scar can ruin everything for you.  It can even affect your confidence all the more than being fat did.  One of the liposuction risks you take is when you get the procedure done by an inexperienced surgeon.  With the cannula, he or she can nick interior vital organs and this can cause very serious damage to your body.  The same goes for an inexperienced anesthesiologist.  If you’re given the wrong anesthesia, you might have an allergic reaction that can be very life threatening.

Before you decide to get liposuction, consider the liposuction risks and  side effects.  Go ahead and consult with your doctor and your surgeon first to ensure that liposuction is really for you.

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