Going Green With Homemade Beauty Tips

The call for the conservation of the environment and clean living is the reason why many people of today are going “green” or using alternative natural products in anything that they take. Instead of using chemical based products, many people are now choosing all natural products to promote a healthy life style. Using all natural products not only gives you a healthy lifestyle but also keeps you away from the harmful effects of chemical based products that are found almost all cosmetic products in the market nowadays.But now, many people are gradually introducing homemade beauty recipes as cheaper and safer alternatives.

Green Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

One of the popular beauty products that is used by men and women is the body scrub. You can easily make a homemade recipe of a beauty scrub using ingredients that can be easily found in your home. You will need 1 cup of sugar (brown or white), and a few teaspoons of vanilla beans. You will also need a few teaspoons of olive oil and lavender oil to complete your body scrub recipe. You must first store the sugar and vanilla beans in an airtight container and let it stay for 2 weeks thereby allowing the mixture to take a pleasant smell. The next step is to take the vanilla beans and mix it all together with the rest of the ingredients. Add a few drops of lavender in the mixture. Equal amount of sugar and oils are recommended, but you can always adjust the quantity to suit your taste.

Recipe For A Green Homemade Facial Scrub

Another famous product for men and women is the facial scrub, which can be also made using the ingredients that can be found in your home. You will need a small amount of water, lemon juice, and yeast in making your home made facial scrub. Mix one pack of yeast to three tablespoons of lemon juice and two teaspoon of water. You can apply this mixture to your skin once every two days to maintain a young looking skin.

Going green and using all natural products gives us more benefits compared to using the chemical based products. Trying out these homemade beauty tips will surely reduce our expenses because of the availability of the ingredients and most importantly we get that same radiant and glowing beauty without spending huge amount of money.

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