Got Hiccups – My Thoughts On Dealing With Hiccups

I do not usually get hiccups, but whenever I get them, it is usually due to eating too quickly or overeating. What I do then is to drink plenty of water until the hiccups go away. Often, my hiccups do not create that distinctive “hic” sound, but when it does, it is really annoying so I never stop drinking water.

I never had a hiccup that lasted more than 15 minutes, so I do not bother seeing a doctor. Besides, my friend once told me that doctors do not usually administer a drug that would suppress a hiccup, especially with short-term hiccups.

What causes hiccups to others may be different, like my best friend Jane, who gets hiccups like after every meal. I really find it funny whenever she is hiccuping because she hardly eats, so there is no way for her to overeat or at least eat quickly and eventually get a hiccup.

When she went to their family doctor, she was advised to regulate her soda intake. From then on I learned that hiccups may also be caused by drinking too much carbonated beverages. It got me curious about hiccups that when I looked up the Internet about hiccups, I found out that they have close association with swallowing of air. Hence, hiccups can also be experienced when a person gets tickled, smokes excessively, chews gum, laughs or merely talks, hyperventilates, and gets nervous or excited. In fact, hiccups may also occur when there is change in one’s body temperature.

I also found out that there are actual lots of strange approach to hiccups. Like if I am used to drinking plenty of water until the hiccups stop, others believe that you have to drink water while upside down or drink at the far side of a glass. What made me even more curious, however, is the hiccup in newborns. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that a newborn hiccups more often than any infant or adult, and that there is nothing life-threatening aboust such fact.

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