Hair Growth Vitamins for Women – Tips and Benefits

For most women, the appearance of their hair is as important as their own physical appearance. The reason for this is that the hair is one way to see if a woman is taking good care of her features. Unfortunately, it is as common to women to have alopecia or hair loss. But nowadays, it is easy to find a solution for this problem by means of hair growth vitamins.

Natural hair growth vitamins are what women seek because they are concerned about any side effects synthetics ones have. For them, going natural is one way to determine some of the good hair growth vitamins around. Sometimes, synthetic vitamins are manufactured chemically and women fear that these are not as effective as natural ones.

Going The Natural Way:

Going the natural way means that everybody should try a different method from the usual. The usual way of dealing with hair loss id buying topical products that should be shampooed or applied on the scalp so that the hair will grow. On the other hand, the natural way simply states that there are other things that women can do aside from taking oral or topical medications like:

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• Vitamins should be “eaten” and not taken as pills. This means that there should be a daily intake of foods rich in the essential vitamins which are needed for hair growth like:

o Vitamin A which promotes adequate amount of oil needed by the scalp to grow hair. Sweet potatoes, milk, egg yolks and mozzarella cheese consist of vitamin A.

o Vitamin B6, B12, Niacin and other similar vitamins which promote blood circulation on the scalp. Foods like grain cereals, peas and butter are good sources of the vitamin B essentials.

o Vitamin E which promotes good skin, thus healthy cells will thrive on the scalp area. Food sources including mangos, kiwis, broccolis and almonds have an adequate supply of vitamin E.

• Minerals are equally important because like vitamins they have the similar effect on the scalp and the growth of hair. Two of the most important minerals for hair growth are copper and iron.

o Copper can be found in foods like oysters, fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and soybeans

o Iron can be found in liver, beans, rice and pastas.

Dieticians know what should be the daily intake of the foods rich in vitamins and minerals. This diet and regimen depends largely on the condition of your health, your weight and your age among the many other factors. It is best to know what the healthy dose of food that you should take before over-eating on meat, nuts, etc. Over-eating does not help. In fact, it is even detrimental to the health.

A good and balanced diet is not only good for the overall wellness of the body; it proves to be effective in hair growth as well. By maintaining the fitness of the body, the psyche and the appearance of oneself is not only improved but also continued. Help your body be the best that it can be; if you do, you are also helping your hair growth.

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