Hair Loss: What’s Causing it?

Do you find that your hair is gradually thinning or falling out? Several people dread this time and when it comes we are often prompted to ask ourselves what we did wrong – whether we abused it by using a mixture of chemical-based hair products or maybe we are simply aging hence the balding. So, what are truly the causes of hair loss?

The Causes Of Hair Loss Can Be Befuddling

The cause of your hair loss can come in several types and so before buying hair loss shampoo, get to know first the cause in order to be sure that you are giving it the right solution.

If your hair loss is normal in nature, it could only be caused by the fact that your hair’s lifespan is spent, by too much styling, or the simple truth that you are aging.

Hair loss can also be due to genetics. When your hair loss that leads to baldness is hereditary it is associated with factors like one’s gender, age and hormones.

Next and most commonly experienced now, hair loss could be caused by stress. It is true that stress and hair loss are consequential where because of excessive physical and emotional stress, you will find yourself getting more and more hair falling out.

Hair Loss Caused By Stress?

There are two types of stress related hair loss and these are telogen effluvium and alopecia areata. The first type is the more common and less severe. The second one can involve the entire scalp and even body hair.

If you are the type who gets stressed too often and too easily you just might sense hair falling out some of the time. Other factors that contribute to hair loss which may not be remedied by mere bargain hair loss shampoo could include illness, hormonal changes, pregnancy or childbirth, some kind of nervous habits and chemotherapy.

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