Hair Regrowth And Hair Loss Prevention

Even though people might tell you that nothing works for hair growth, you should really think positively.  There are some winning formulas out there.

There are lots of products out there, however, that don’t work.  They might look good with a lot of flashy advertising on late night TV, but that is just a mirage.  Many people don’t believe that any hair growth products work at all because they feel that if there was something that worked, why would anybody put up with hair loss or pattern baldness?  But finding the right product takes education, trial and error.

When you are trying to find the right hair growth product for your needs, be prepared to spend a little time and money.  Be willing to try a product for a trial period, and abandon it if it does not work for you.  Don’t get angry or give up, just because one product doesn’t work.  You will eventually find one that does.

When you are trying to grow your hair, you will be selecting a hair growth product from one of two major categories, products that stimulate new hair growth, and products that prevent hair loss.  There are effective products in both categories, and many people find the most favorable results when they use a product from both of these categories.

Rogaine is an example of a product that stimulates hair growth.  It does not work to prevent hair loss.  Not everybody will have results with Rogaine, but many people will.  This is just one of the factors surrounding this particular drug.  Rogaine is definitely a drug that you should give a trial run to determine whether it’s going to work for you or not.  Don’t buy a whole lot of product before you know if it will be effective.

If you are looking for a product that will provide hair loss prevention only, then you should consider Topical Spironolactone or Propecia.

No matter whether you choose growth stimulation, loss prevention or both combined, the most important ingredient in hair growth is time.  You have to give any product you use time to work its magic.

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