Hair Restoration Products: Caffeine and Your Hair

Hair restoration products have been in the market for more than 70 years. Countless research and scientific studies have been made to improve on these products and to open new horizons and possibilities in fighting hair loss. It is amazing how science has enhanced its studies to allow room for not just artificially produced hair loss treatments but also everyday ingredients like caffeine.

A study was conducted at the University of Jena to determine any effect of testosterone and caffeine when treated to early-diagnosed hair loss. The hair samples were separated into four treatments: one is a nutrient-based test, second is testosterone only test, third is caffeine only test and fourth is testosterone and caffeine test. The last test showed the most promise—when testosterone and caffeine were combined, the hair loss slowed its process.

However, there are previous studies showing that intake of caffeine increases the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) where in turn increases the chances of hair loss. According to the studies, ingredients like sugar and salt contribute to hair loss; even alcohol and nicotine. But the combination of caffeine, testosterone, zinc and niacin ironically shows that the mixture lessens hair fall and improves healthy growth.

Alpecin Cosmetic, native company of Germany, is the reputable company which used caffeine as a hair loss minimiser. It has been in the hair loss business since the 1930s and is trying to expand its boundaries. Alpecin Cosmetic may have been the only company to use caffeine for combating hair loss and due to the ironic discovery, there were other studies that tried to disprove the claim but did not succeed in doing so.

Invariably, as time passes, new innovations for hair restoration will arise—even from ingredients that supposedly inhibit hair growth. More companies will come up with their own brand of active ingredient to stop hair loss. Find out more about the subject here.

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