The Importance of Hair Vitamins and Minerals

In order for us to be one step closer to reducing thinning of hair, treating hair loss or just to improve the overall health condition of our hair and scalp, understanding the benefits of using the best vitamins and minerals are essential.

Through pass researches, it is known that the lack of important nutrients in the body is closely related to pre-mature hair loss and thinning. Having a sufficient dose of hair vitamins daily will help to promote healthy growth and also increase thickness and strength of the hair.

Our hair is basically made of protein filaments that grow through the tiny pores on the skin that are also known as follicles. The fiber is mainly made of a protein call Keratin. When keratin is deposited at the bottom of the hair inside the hair root, it causes the current hair to be pushed out a little further. And this will result in the strands of hair getting longer.

Some have said that over use of styling hair products that are harsh and having an unhealthy lifestyle, will normally lead to the increase of hair loss. And common factor like constant expose to UV ray from the sun will also cause the keratin to stop building up in the follicles. This causes the hair to stop growing and fall off eventually.

Hair vitamins and minerals play a very important part in preventing hair loss resulted from our daily lifestyle activities. However due to vitamins and minerals deficiencies, the problems will still persist. So by putting the vitamins and minerals back to our body is the most simply way to tackle deficiency. Vitamin B-12, Vitamin E, Panthonenic Acid, Niacin, Chlorophyll, and Biotin are found to be very effective when it comes to promoting hair grow. And they are commonly used in supplement like dht blocker to help increase the chances of hair grow. Special hair care product like dht blocking shampoo, also contain a wide variety of vitamins that enhance the hair growing process after every use.

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