The Truth About HCG Injections Side Effects

HGC injections have become extremely popular because they are known to promote weight loss with the proper diet and consumption of food.  For women and men who have struggled to lose weight for years, this may seem as if it is their only option for healthy living

While some dieters have reported to lose as much as 40 pounds in 40 days if the HCG diet program is followed properly, many are wondering if this method of losing weight is safe.  Understand how HCG diet injections can affect you and if this is a safe way to lose weight before you turn to injections for losing weight.

HCG injections for weight loss contain the glycoprotein based hormone that is known to have no side effects in the body if the injections are administered by a professional.  If too much of the injectable is injected, patients have experienced vomiting and nausea, however this ceases within a day. 

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While there are no real HGC injections side effects, the hormone used to promote weight loss is actually a pregnancy hormone that is used in individuals who are trying to conceive.  If the last thing you want is to expect a baby, you must practice safe sex and refer to the diet guide to see if your birth control will be effective.  Studies have shown a large percentage of women in the study who were sexually active, conceived during their diet.

While there are many skeptics who have reviewed the diet and feel that calorie intake is too low, dieters have lost weight and kept it off.  This diet is known to increase your metabolism and balance it for life if it is followed properly.  The solution can be found in injections and oral drops.  If you are serious about losing weight, consider the HCG diet.

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