Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow Injuries

When you injure your arm, the first thing you will need to do is stop using the arm especially in the activities that may have caused the injury in the first place. There are many arm injuries these days but one of the most common injuries is tennis elbow, an arm injury that comes about due to the stressful use of the arm and any other movements that may exert pressure on the elbow. Here are some effective tennis elbow treatment approaches that will work for you.

a) Protect the injured arm and the elbow from further injuries by wearing an arm brace any time you are going about other duties. The brace will protect the arm from the harmful effects of swinging the arm or accidental and instinctive use of the wrist, fingers and the elbow.

b) Using hot packs and cold packs will help the injured tendons be more comfortable and thus promote faster healing. You can use a pack of hot potatoes for the hot pack and a pack of frozen peas for the cold pack. Alternate between the two at intervals of a few hours to make the injured region comfortable and prevent swelling, inflammation and pain.

c) Compress the arm from the elbow region to the wrist, not too tightly but be sure that the arm is elevated at all times. Compression helps the arm begin healing while the elevation prevents the accumulation of blood on the affected area. It also prevents the swelling of the wrist and the fingers due to hanging the hand.

d) To speed up healing, incorporate exercises for tennis elbow in the healing process because the exercises will help reduce the time the elbow and the tendons in particular require to heal completely. You must however be careful what exercises you do because some can be downright dangerous. If possible get directions and guidance of a doctor or a therapist before embarking on elbow exercises.

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