Homemade Juice Recipes: Storing Juice

Although storing freshly squeezed vegetable of fruit juice is not recommended, it is something which you can definitely do.  You must be aware though that the longer you store juice in your refrigerator, the more nutrients it will use. So, if you have time to juice when you need it, you should keep it that way. However, for people who lead busy lives, it is better to make juice ahead of time and store it. So, to help you make sure that your perfected juicing recipes will not go to waste, we have here some tips which will allow the juice you store tom keep their goodness.

You must be very careful when storing fresh juice. The more the juice stays in the refrigerator, the more goodness it will lose. It is recommended that juices not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 2 days. Only store your fresh juice in a sealed container. Never leave your juice in the refrigerator in a container which does not have any cover. Not only is there a big chance that it will get dirty, it is also possible that it will get spoiled sooner than it is supposed to. Your homemade juice recipes would go to waste if you do this.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will taste better than those which have pesticides and chemicals, even if they have been stored. Make it a point to select only organic and fresh produce. They can cost you more money but you will find them a lot better. They better for your body and health.

Lastly, you should also remember that your body needs fiber too so you should still eat solid vegetables and fruits once in a while. You should still include them in your menu because your body will not be able to function correctly without them.

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