How Dangerous Are The HCG Side Effects

There is really a great fuss about the side effects of taking even natural substances when in it comes to diet protocols.  The administration of Dr Simeons HCG diet has been in much scrutiny that most people think that this does not have any real founded effects at all.  The real HCG side effects are directly attributable to the change of a person’s food intake.  Even with any other diet programs, the dieter will usually feel light headed, nauseous, and even experience hyperacidity.  These are common side effects which is normal for people who are scaling back on their calorie intake.

It is true that Dr Simeons HCG diet involves a 500 calorie diet which makes it very effective in losing even a pound a day.  However, the HCG side effects are typically encountered when the administration of HCG shots and sublingual drops as inappropriately done.  A fact that you should remember is that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone acts as a signaling component commonly observed during pregnancy which switches the body to burn fats to feed the fetus when the calorie intake of the mother is lesser.  This keeps the baby nourished throughout the pregnancy.  It also goes the same way during Dr Simeons hcg diet protocol wherein the body has to target the stored or excess fats as its alternate source of energy when the calorie intake is not enough.

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So prior to introducing hcg into your diet program, always be strict in administering the proper dose into your system.  The body just needs a minimal amount along with your 500 calorie diet.  Should you feel any hcg side effects, observe it for a couple of days and assess its tolerability.  Try to lower down the dose.  Most importantly, do not lengthen the usage of this hormone over 45 days.  There should be a resting period to regain normal intake of nutrients.  It is also not really necessary to complete the 45-day program as it also depends on how much weight you really want to lose.  Thus if you have already reached your ideal weight, then it is necessary to put a halt and then perhaps plan of a fitness program next.

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