How Does Laser Skin Tightening Work

If your worried about aging and always seem to notice those fine lines and wrinkles, but don’t want to resort to extreme surgical methods  then laser surgery may be the treatment of choice for you.  It has become a popular procedure of late due to the fact that it’s a non invasive, relatively simple procedure that helps to resurface the skin without having to make any cuts and incisions into the skin, whilst still rejuvenating skin tissue in order to create that youthful look:

Collagen is the fibrous band of tissue that helps to give skin its structure and cushioning, its the tight snap back effect that keeps skin taut and young.  Unfortunately natural aging and life style factors such as sun damage and smoking brake down this collagen structure causing lines and wrinkles, why Laser skin tightening treatment is so successful is that not only does it resurface old skin to encourage new and more youthful skin to come through but it also stimulates the formation of new and youthful collagen to come to the site of the skin that has been targeted by the laser, results can often be very dramatic and can take years off some people.

Laser treatment is suited for most skin types but it is important to be aware that those who have darker skin may not be suited to laser because it can cause pigmentation.  Those people with sensitive skin conditions may also struggle, especially with after care as the skin does become very raw and sensitive and the antibiotic medications can cause reactions.

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How to tighten loose skin is certainly a question for many who are concerned about loose jowls and skin on the neck and whilst laser can help to encourage the formation of new collagen in order to help plump out fine lines and wrinkles, it is important to note that it is not possible to completely get rid of loose skin on the jowls and the neck through the use of laser alone, so surgical facial rejuvenation techniques may be recommended as the preferred treatment for this particular skin problem.  All of this will however  be discussed prior to your treatment with your skin care specialist, which is why a thorough consultation is so important.

One laser treatment is often enough for most people, although follow up treatments can be given but they are usually spaced twelve months apart.  Healing time is anywhere between one to two weeks and its important to allow the healing process to occur naturally for best results.

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