How Does The HCG Diet Work

You’ve probably heard of the HCG diet.  Although it has just recently become popular it has actually been around for about 50 years.  The reason it has recently become a hit is because it has been developed into homeopathic HCG drops which can be taken orally.  Before, the only way to do the HCG diet was through injections of the HCG hormone.

The HCG Diet – 500 Calories? Really?

This diet was actually invented over 50 years ago by Dr. Simeons.  He found out that if he took the HCG hormone, which is produced by pregnant women to make sure the fetus receives enough nutrition, and used it on regular people that it would help them burn abnormal fat levels.  

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The HCG intake must be accompanied by a very strict 500 calorie diet. It sounds strange taking a hormone produced by pregnant women but in all its years it has never caused any health problems when taken or interacted negatively with any existing health conditions.

Does The HCG Diet Work?

So how does it actually work?  Well one might think that regardless of taking HCG they would lose weight while on a 500 calorie diet.  This is true but actually if you switched to 500 calories per day you would lose muscle and normal fat levels first.  You would also feel very weak and hungry.  

As an alternatic HCG 1234 has a 1200 calorie diet plan which is covered in this post.

The HCG prevents all of these things from happening.  It tells an area of your brain called the hypothalamus, which regulates weight gain and loss, to burn abnormal fat levels first while on a low calorie diet.  That way you aren’t losing muscle and normal fat which is good for the body.  Because your body is getting less calories it begins to use that unwanted fat as energy to burn.

The homeopathic HCG drops which are completely safe make this diet extremely easy compared to the injections.  With the drops you take about 10 drops 3 times a day.  The drops have a slight alcohol taste to them but it is very mild.  Another good thing about this diet is that it is only a max of 42 days or less.  Unlike other diets, like the 17 day diet, it requires no exercise which can make staying on this weight loss program that much easier.

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