How To Become an Emergency Mecial Technician

Emergency Medical Technicians live very exciting lives. Whether they are taking emergency calls from their dispatcher, or driving fast down the street to respond to an accident, they are always on the edge. If this interests you, you might want to read on and find out how to become an EMT.

All states have their rules about training and certification of Emergency Medical Technicians, but they are mostly the same.

Different Levels Of EMTs

The entry level EMT is known as EMT-B, or Basic. Once this is achieved, the next potential position in an EMT-I/85, or EMT Intermediate, which carries increased responsibilities. There is another level of intermediate EMT, EMT-I/99, which normally signifies a lot of experience and leads to evaluating other technicians.

The only level left after is is the EMT-P, or Paramedic, which is a highly respected position in the medical industry. You can find specific information on all of the levels at EMT Headquarters.

How To Become An EMT

To be able to get started in this terrific line of work, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid drivers license in their state, and complete an EMT course approved by the state, which is quite often a community college.

Most colleges and EMT schools suggest gaining as much experience while in school as possible, usually by volunteering at hospitals and other health agencies.

If it is your desire to become an EMT and help others that are in need of medical attention, you should look further into EMT training to get started as soon as possible. Emergency Medical Technicians live very rewarding lives and get to try and save someone’s life nearly every day.

This is a job that many would do for free, but the salary is actually very attractive. With all of these reasons to become an EMT, interested people everywhere should begin training immediately.

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