How To Decrease Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance spawns so many questions in people who recently diagnosed. Some frequently asked questions include how to decrease insulin resistance, how to improve insulin resistance, what is insulin resistance, what are some easy ways to lower insulin levels, and other similar questions. The fact of the matter is that most people know exactly what diabetes is but few really know what insulin resistance is and how it relates to diabetes.

Basically speaking when the body digests food and turns that food into sugars which enter the blood, the pancreas then secretes insulin via beta cells to take the sugars in the blood and “place” it in the cells of the body for fuel. This is how the body is supposed to operate. In type-2 diabetics however the body is either not capable of producing enough insulin to lower glucose levels sufficiently fast or the body produces enough insulin to decrease insulin levels but doesn’t do it fast enough. Both of these are also the hallmark symptoms of insulin resistance just as they are with diabetes.

The difference between the two is the severity and not much more. In diabetes the lowering of insulin levels happens even slower than it does with insulin resistance. Sometimes it lowers just as fast as a normal person however it takes more insulin to do the job. All in all the body needs to decrease insulin resistance before too much damage is inflicted. If too much time passes and enough deterioration occurs the reversal of insulin resistance may not be possible and diabetes may set in.

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Luckily for everyone’s sake it is quite possible to reverse insulin resistance especially while it is in its infancy. The main ingredient to improving insulin resistance is exercise and the second most beneficial thing you can do to decrease insulin resistance is to eat better and lose weight. This isn’t rocket science but it does take some strong will.

I’ve found that many people how ask how to reduce insulin resistance are turned off by this solution. Many people are looking for a simple pill to take so that they don’t have to make changes to their lifestyle however it is not that easy. The pills come when the problem is far worse and you don’t want to wait that long. Reducing insulin resistance is very beneficial to your long-term health outlook and waiting until diabetes sets in is a sure way to shorten your life. Find the will and make the change; it’s in your best interest to stop insulin resistance early. No just go out there and do it.

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