How To Do Meditation

There are a quite few reasons why people might begin a meditation practice.  For some, meditation can be a method of religious expression.  Others use meditation to improve a specific aspect of their lives, such as close relationships, job or athletic performance, finances, or self-esteem.  For still others, meditation may simply be a method to refocus and regain a peaceful, calm outlook amidst an otherwise hectic life.

Irrespective of your motivation for learning how to meditate, it’s usually simplest and most productive to begin with guided meditation.  It’s not tough to learn how to do meditation – it usually just involves finding a quiet place to sit or lie down, and putting a guided imagery meditation audio recording on your stereo or mp3 player.

Guided imagery meditation is usually set up using a professional audio narrator, often with soothing music recorded in the background.  The narrator takes listeners through visualizing a number of positive images.  The first part of the recording is usually set up to help you relax your mind and body.  If you’re participating in a meditation designed exclusively for relaxation, the imagery may go no further.  But if you’re listening to a meditation designed to help help you learn how to improve your self-confidence, for example, the meditation may guide you through a series of self-affirming exercises to help you remove negative self-talk and replace it with more helpful, positive thoughts and ideas.

There are other types guided imagery meditation scripts available that use a series of mantras for meditation.  Mantras are simply sounds, phrases, or entire sentences that are repeated over and over again to help clear and focus the mind and inculcate positive thoughts.  Over time, these ideas become absorbed by both your conscious and subconscious intelligence, where the mantras have a significant, positive impact on your outlook and attitudes.

While meditation might not be for everybody (it can tend to be a little frustrating for some, as it’s often difficult to keep your mind from wandering in the beginning), it is a powerful self improvement tool.

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