How to get relief from Migraine Pain

According to International Headache Society,  there are more than 50 forms of headaches which have been identified and classified.  Migraine is one particular form of headache for which the pronounced explanation is unknown for migraine.  But one thing is guaranteed, migraine is a difficult worry for those who are bothered by this disorder.  Let us try and see what are the alternatives to traditional treatment for migraine.

1. Naturopathy
This will consist of mud & water therapy.  In water therapy you to drink   1.5 ltrs of water first thing in the morning.  Carrying this out will   your entire body and help you to gain energy for the rest of the day.  It also eliminates any undigested matters in the intestines and the colon.  In mud therapy, you will need to stick mud pack on the temple for around an hour.  You can also apply the mud pack on the  .  This will improve the digestive system.  A large number of of the headaches start from digestive illnesses like acidity and bowel irregularity.  Putting mud pack on the abdomen decreases the body heat and boosts the gastrointestinal system.

2. Lifestyle Changes
Having uncomplicated lifestyle can help you to get rid of many problems.  Simple tip would be to have light food which is easily digestible and does not increases acidity, avoid stress, reduce too much of TV.  Take time for relaxing with your family and kids.  Sometimes simple joys of life has so much therapeutic effect that even doctors cannot equal them.

3. Other Helpful Tips
Yoga can be very helpful.  Practice of yoga will reduce the tension in all muscles including the neck and shoulders.  It also decreases stress levels in the mind and increases the defense mechanisms.  Yoga can be practiced if you want a long term answer to headaches and migraine.

Acupressure and Massage – Acupressure and acupuncture are really excellent ways to take care of headaches and other physical problems.    One of the acupressure points is located on the outer edge of the eyebrows.    Another good remedy is massaging the back of the neck, the shoulder blades and the forehead.

You can get more information on migraine cures by visiting headache relief with Yoga.  If you are interested in other health related articles you may be interested in articles like cure for Sinus Infection and other health related articles.

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