How to Lose Belly Fat Faster with Fish Oil

OK, so perhaps the premise of using fat to fight fat seems contradictory, however, there are many oils that actually help to promote fat loss rather than gain; fish oil is one such oil. Take a moment to look over the many benefits before you rule this supplement out as a method of burning excess belly fat.

Fat Loss

Fish oil is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to promote fat loss in a multitude of ways. This oil helps to speed up your metabolism by increasing oxygen flow as well as, overall energy within the body. It also helps to lower leptin levels which thus, increases the rate at which your body burns calories.

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Furthermore, it also helps to increase the level of a group of specific fat burning compounds which are called uncoupling proteins (UPC, more specifically UPC-3) which is found in muscle tissue. This further helps with fat loss as, it boosts metabolism rates the UPC 3’s are said to be the main controller of resting metabolism rates.

Other Benefits

Lowers Cholesterol- Studies have shown that fish oil helps to lower cholesterol by preventing it from being stored in the intestines. This is also said to be more affective when taken in conjunction with a b-12 supplement.

Promotes Healthy Brain Function- Studies have shown that the omega 3’s in fish oil help to increase serotonin levels which is a mood regulatory transmitter, thus, people are less likely to experience suicidal tendencies, or become violent. Furthermore, it also promotes healthy eye and brain function is fetuses and infants.

Side Effects

Although side effects to fish oil are rare, they can include: greasy stool, fish oil, and abdominal discomfort.


Since most fish oil supplements are 1,000mg with a 30% concentration, 5 supplements a day should satisfy the 1.5-2 grams that are recommended  for weight loss.

Above all, remember that there are no miracles in the weight loss world and if you really want to lose belly fat faster, you need to use this in conjunction with a healthy diet a regular exercise.

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