How To Lower Borderline High Blood Sugar Levels

Did your doctor recently tell you that your blood sugar was a bit high? If so you probably have borderline diabetes, insulin resistance, or you simply have a naturally higher fasting blood sugar levels. No matter what the cause of your reading however there are simple steps you can take to lower your high blood sugar levels before they become a major problem.

For those that are new to the topic let me first say that high blood sugar is not in and of itself a major issue. It is chronically high blood sugar levels which are the problem. Unfortunately however, when fasting levels of glucose start getting high than that means a habitual lifestyle is probably set in the individual which could cause the condition to worsen over time. This is the cause of diabetes.

A diagnosis of high blood sugar or borderline high blood sugar should be a wakeup call to you to change your lifestyle before things get worse and before you have to live with a debilitating condition that feeds upon itself. Unfortunately diabetes is irreversible but when treated early, at the insulin resistance stage, high blood sugar can be lowered back down to a normal blood sugar range and your body can heal.

How To Reverse High Blood Sugar

The most important thing you can do to reverse borderline diabetes, insulin resistance, or high blood sugar is to start exercising. Physical activity is the number one way to improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin. When your body is more sensitive to insulin it will lower glucose levels in the blood at a more efficient rate and your fasting blood sugar levels will moderate and come back into a safer zone.

One side benefit to increasing your levels of physical activity is that it will help you lose weight which is another factor in elevated blood sugar. In short a person who is not as heavy is much more likely to be in a normal blood sugar range after an overnight fast.

Lastly anyone who is having trouble maintaining safe and normal blood sugar levels even as they start losing weight and getting more active needs to alter their diet to some extent. First all portion control is a must but second of all foods which are high on the glycemic index need to be cut out entirely from one’s diet. There are plenty of foods which do not cause short term spikes in blood sugar and by sticking to these foods the body will be much more capable of regulating glucose levels and helping you stay in a safe zone.

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