How To Lower Insulin Levels

Do you need to know how to lower insulin levels? If so it’s probably because your doctor did some blood work on you and told you that your insulin levels were a bit high which is probably indicative of early stage insulin resistance.

Your doctor probably also told you that you need to reduce insulin levels while maintaining normal blood sugar levels so that you can prevent insulin resistance from taking hold. Luckily the methodology behind reducing insulin levels and reducing insulin resistance is essentially the same thing except lowering insulin levels is a bit easier because the problem has not progressed very far.

So then, how to reduce insulin is the big question. The answer to that question is actually pretty simple too. To reduce high insulin levels in the event that blood sugar levels are still under control, all you have to do is start exercising a little bit more.

Now, I don’t want to sound belittling nor do I want to sound like the problem is less serious than it really is but the truth of the matter is that exercise reduces insulin levels pretty much better than any form of treatment, especially in cases where insulin resistance has not set in and become serious.

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Despite all that, it is important to note that the process of lowering insulin levels is also not completely dependant on your level of exercise. It’s really dependent on your ability to stop insulin resistance and rebuild insulin sensitivity. Usually exercise will do the job but sometimes it will take weight loss and a complete change it diet as well. It all depends.

If you go out there and exercise every day for a couple months and then get your insulin levels tested and they are still high then it may be time to start asking how to lower insulin levels naturally in addition to increasing your exercise time.

Your doctor may be able to help answer that question but again a lot of the reduction in insulin levels is a byproduct of increasing insulin sensitivity through diet and exercise. It may be possible that your doctor can prescribe something but relying on a change to your lifestyle is probably your best bet at lowering insulin and preventing insulin resistance and diabetes.

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