How to Naturally Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Dealing with high blood pressure is a common problem for millions of people across the world today. Diseases like diabetes have skyrocketed, mostly as a result of the Western diet, and with it, things like blood pressure have skyrocketed too.

Many people take prescription medicine to lower their blood pressure – my father has for years, for example – which is certainly a good idea. But don’t stop there! There are a variety of ways you can about getting those numbers down through what you eat and how you live your life. These are what we can think of as natural blood pressure reducers and they have helped millions improve their health.

The first two are something you’ve probably already heard but maybe just haven’t had time to really make a reality in your life. I’m talking about sodium and exercise. Everyone knows that if you have high blood pressure you should use caution with salt, or maybe even cut it out entirely. But what you might not realize is that most likely the majority of the sodium in your diet isn’t coming from the salt you’re adding to your popcorn, it’s hiding as a preservative and flavor enhancer in all the prepared, packaged, or frozen foods you’re buying. So in addition to using common sense with your own cooking, you should absolutely keep a close eye on the sodium content of all those packaged foods you’re buying. This includes things like noodles, microwave burritos, frozen dinners, and so on.

As mentioned, exercise is also a big factor in improving your overall health and lowering your blood pressure. If you are overweight you will also benefit in that losing weight will naturally help your blood pressure. Exercising doesn’t have to mean joining a gym or pumping iron. You can ride a bike, go for a walk, or play tennis. Even working in the garden can count as exercise. Be creative and you’ll see there are many opportunities to be active in your life.

The third area I want to look at is supplement. Blood pressure supplements are well known and well documented. You can go to just about any grocery store, vitamin shop, or pharmacy and find products for blood pressure. The most popular is garlic but two other popular supplements include fish oil and coenzyme Q 10. If you have high blood pressure, using one of these supplements is one of the easiest and most natural methods you can take to lower it.

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