How to Treat Allergy Eyes

Allergy eyes can be irritating times for many. Allergies can cause itchy eyes. It could also make eye pinkish at times. Allergies can take place on a human body. It is a defined as an overreaction by a human in relation to a harmful substance. Normally, allergy eyes are the result of dust particles which creeps inside a human eye. For some, dust particles may not be harmful others may get allergies due to the presence of dust particles in their eyes.

Symptom of Allergy Eyes
Many individuals may face allergy eyes during fall and spring. The eyes can get red and eyes often feels itchy. The eyes may also burn. There are times when eyes can look more watery than normal.

Some symptoms of allergy eyes can also reflect in the eyelids. The eyelids will get swollen, or the inner eyelids can also become swollen in many cases. When eyelids get swollen, eye usually appears to have a watery layer.

What Causes Eye Allergies?
There are many factors which come into play. Eye allergies are normally caused by the dust, pet dander and pollen present in the air. In some cases many drugs and eye drops also play a significant role in causing itchiness which is quite allergic. One can get allergy eyes through certain foods however, such allergies may not be too severe. The use of cosmetics has in some cases affected eyes to cause allergies in women.

Allergy Treatments
Allergies are not fatal and therefore, one can find enough medication at the stores. Some could be found without any prescription, while there are many eye drops, which requires a doctors prescription. The best allergy treatments should be to avoid the allergens and do not come in contact with such substances. Keep your house free of dust particles.

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