How to Treat the Early Signs of Hair Loss

Premature hair loss is a condition that affects millions of people every year around the world, and contrary to popular belief it can affect just as many women as it can men. It can be quite an upsetting and stressful time for those affected, as it causes a very visible change to their appearance that many people associate with old age making them feel like they are losing their youth and getting old before their time. Fortunately, treatments do exist that can help delay and even reverse the balding process, and some of these treatments cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars putting them well within most people’s price range.

Hair doesn’t just fall out overnight, and the build up to premature balding can be a fairly long process. During the early stages the hair starts to lose its shine becoming dull, and feels brittle and rough to touch. If premature baldness runs in your family then these are signs that you should be looking out for, and when you first notice them you should start treatment with one of the many products on the market that contain hair growth vitamins.

These products aim to improve the condition of the scalp by providing it with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy, strengthen the hair and encourage new growth. They usually need to be taken over a number of months, and sometime indefinitely – it can become a chore remembering to take any medication every day, so it’s a good idea to use a hair growth product that comes combined with a shampoo. That way, it’s easy to incorporate it into your everyday routine.

If the hair loss has become too prominent, and the scalp is totally bald in places, then hair transplant surgery may be the only way to regain a full head of natural hair. During this treatment hair follicles are harvested from a donor area of the patient’s body and are transplanted back into the bald area on the scalp, being punched into place with a special tool. A mild sedative is used so it’s a relatively pain free procedure, but some tenderness may be felt for a few days afterwards.

This cosmetic surgery procedure isn’t cheap with the average cost for hair transplant surgery coming in at around $10,000 last year, and it must be remembered that a number of treatments may be required to successfully cover the entire scalp. The procedure is regarded as being very successful though, with a high satisfaction rate amongst those who have had it performed.

So with some incredibly successful treatments being available, early hair loss need not cause the heartache and stress that it once did. Early treatment with hair growth products is always best to stop the baldness setting in but, even if it does, hair transplant surgery ensures that all is not totally lost.

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