How to Treat Your Foot Odor Fast

I have read in foot odor forums how annoying smelly feet can be. Some people stated that they have changed jobs others said they have tried everything under the sun, from spays, silver socks, changing shoes, open shoes and diets. Some have seen moderate results others just gave up and decided to live with it.

What May Cause Foot Odor

From my experience my feet would smell even with open shoes. My feet would sweat no matter what I was wearing or how hot or gold it was.  Foot sweating in the shoe is caused by friction and tight space releasing excessive natural bacteria present in our skin. Some people proclaim that certain foods increase foot odor, like dairy products. Ultimately excessive bacteria are the result of your sweaty smelly feet.

Your Solution to Smelly Feet

Just by washing your feet would not kill the bacteria, it has to be treated. In my case my job required to walk long distances and carry things, putting pressure in my feet causing sweat. I used powder products to absorb the sweat but it will not work,  and it was messy too. The only foot odor remedy that really worked for me, is rubbing alcohol. Together with antibacterial soap solved my foot odor completely.

One of the uses of isopropyl alcohol is fighting against vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses. Sometimes a solution is right under our nose, we just have to find it.


I bought 91% isopropyl alcohol from the pharmacy. After a shower with antibacterial soap you dry your feet very well, then apply between your toes and under your feet.  Repeat morning and evening and you should be foot odor free within 2-4 days.

Also what helps is starting with a pair of clean or new shoes. I recommend using 100% cotton socks. Cotton absorbs sweat better than polyester, and I wouldn’t use leather or smooth soles, because they don’t absorb very well either.

Another way for sweaty feet cure, use 2lb of red vinegar, the cheapest the better, and one spoon of salt.  The acidity really kills the foot sweat. We boil them, then we let it cool down a bit. Insert your feet for about fifteen minutes. Repeat for about 6-7 evenings.

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