How to Understand Allergy and Immunology?

Allergy has become common is many industrialized worlds. In America 54 percent of all Americans suffer from some or the other kind of allergies. The number of people suffering from allergies is estimated to rise in the future. So why does a person have allergies? Human body is designed to fight against any type of foreign substance which might pose a threat to your health such as a bacteria, germs or parasites.

The human body is able to identify such substance and destroy them. However there are cases where sometimes the body sees a harmless substance as a threat and tries to remove it from the body. This is when allergy symptoms start to appear. The substance that triggers this activity is called an allergen. Presence of an allergen causes the body to produce large amounts of IgE antibodies which are proteins. They bind against this substance and try to eliminate it from the body. This process causes inflammation and other such allergies symptom.

There are many ways through which a person can get suffer from allergies. Allergic reaction occurs due to intake of foods like milk, shellfish, mushrooms etc. These allergies can be developed within ones body due to various reasons, one of them being the hereditary. If a person in the family suffers from any kind of allergy, it is likely that the child might also suffer from the same. Other causes of allergies include infection or smoking.

There are different types of allergies like food allergy, insect sting or bite allergy, milk allergy, medication allergy and Sinusitis. Hence it is recommended that you consult a doctor or a physician before taking any medication. The physician who is specialized in allergy and immunology has training in evaluating the exact cause of the allergy and diagnosis and management of disorders.

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