How to Wake Up With Less Grogginess And More Freshness

Have you ever woke up feeling like crap in the morning. Despite sleeping for eight hours straight, you can still feel as if you had not slept at all. Sometimes the grogginess leaves as soon as coffee affects your brain. However, there are cases when you don’t ever recover from the grogginess until later into the day. This scenario is rather common and there are two reasons that may cause this. A combination of these factors would result in an even more awful feeling upon waking up.

Timothy Feriss in his book the four hour work week, described that feeling like crap in the morning is due to eating not enough fatty food the night before. He advises to take in fatty foods at night. Food that contain flaxseed oil, celery, and almond butter some of the food that Timothy recommends to eat in order to minimize feeling awful and groggy in the morning. According to him feeling fatigued and stressed in the morning is due to low blood sugar and less cell repair. The food that he recommends are said to increase cell repair during sleep, thus decreasing fatigue. Eaten several hours before going to bed, the food should already be digested and ready for metabolizing when bedtime comes.

The second reason why people wake up groggy is due to sleep inertia. Sleep inertia happens mostly when we wake up from a very deep sleep. Waking up from an alarm during heavy sleep most likely will induce sleep inertia on the sleeper. Sleep inertia is characterized by the extreme urge to go back to sleep. To avoid sleep inertia, you can go to sleep early and on time by taking extra steps to fall asleep. There are a lot of methods described in, including natural treatments for insomnia.

Sleep inertia can also be avoided by waking up in the state of light sleep. It is virtually almost impossible for a person who wakes up naturally on his or her own to experience sleep inertia since the natural tendency of the human body is to wake up from light sleep unless a nightmare or dream caused the awakening. If you continue to suffer from sleep inertia, try waking up from light sleep with the use of smart alarms. There are smart alarms in the market today as well as smart alarms in mobile phones that claim to only wake you up when you’re in light sleep.

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