How Woman Can Lose Belly Fat

What is belly fat?
It is common in women to have belly fat problems. The major reasons are because of the hormonal changes that the body must undergo with a woman’s period, pregnancy and menopause and sometimes the problem is due to genetics.
In addition to the visual problems that create abdominal fat, it increases the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, some forms of cancer and heart problems. For a lot of women the presence of fat in the belly is very uncomfortable and attributable to the negative impact on their self esteem and confidence.

Belly fat is created within the body when metabolism is impaired. Metabolism is responsible for burning excess fats and calories that have accumulated in the body by poor food consumption. The higher the metabolic rate, the easier it is to burn fats and calories.

Metabolism slows with age, especially among women, which causes more fat in the body, particularly in the belly. Another main reason why women have more abdominal fat compared to men is that women’s metabolism and body are strongly influenced by sudden changes in hormone levels. Women undergo these changes at their period, during their pregnancy as well as before and after menopause.

How to lose belly fat?

  • Do exercise. By exercising, you can build more muscle tissues, which in turn will help your body fight against and eliminate fat. Keeping an exercise routine daily is very beneficial, but for best results, you must constantly increase both the duration and intensity of your workout. During the exercise you need to feel your muscles work and exert yourself. Push yourself to extremes and the force your body to use more energy.
  • Do weightlifting. Even though any type of exercise is beneficial for weight loss, a lot of studies have shown that weight bearing exercise is of great benefit for fat burning, particularly in the belly.
  • Stick with a proper diet. Diet plays an essential role in losing belly fat in women. Much of the fat accumulates in the body from the food we consume. If you change you’re eating habits and start eating foods that are low in fat, fat burning is easier. Even some foods can help you fight fats. You have to learn to read food labels and know what foods are low in calories and fat. This does not happen overnight, but gradually you can learn to change your eating habits to meet a healthy lifestyle. This simple change alone will save you from excessive fat and calories.
  • Set realistic expectations. One main reason why women have belly fat is because of genetics. This would imply that for a few women, the situation does not change radically. Exercise and diet of course can help you improve the condition, but if it is because of heredity, there is a limitation to what you can achieve. However, this should not discourage you from aiming for the best. Define your weight loss goals and how many inches you want to lose and then stick to your goals with patience and determination until you reach them.

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