Hypnosis for What Ails You

Have you ever been to a hypnosis stage show?   The hypnotist asks for volunteers from the audience to come up on stage.   He then moves them around, rearranges them and puts them into a hypnotic trance.  Usually he will send one or two back to the audience.   These are the ones who aren’t going into the trance fast enough.    The hypnotist then puts the volunteers through a series of cute, yet embarrassing actions, such as leaning heavily on their neighbor or scratching their crotch every time he utters a certain word.  It’s all very entertaining.  

Did you know that hypnosis can also enhance your life and help you achieve any goal you desire?  Through hypnotherapy, you can conquer fears and phobias, change habits, stop smoking, lose weight and overcome pain.   Hypnotherapy is a method of alternative healing that works for any kind of vocational or avocational self improvement.   A trained and certified hypnotherapist will work with you to determine your goals and develop a strategy to implement them.  Then he or she will induce a state of hypnosis and through use of suggestions and guided visualization help you achieve those goals.

While you are under a hypnotic state, your subconscious mind is more in control of your thoughts and behaviors, than your conscious, critical mind.  Your subconscious, which can be called your “life script”, determines a large part of your thought patterns and behaviors.   You may consciously think  a certain thought, such as “I want to lose weight so that I am healthier”, and this thought is completely logical and rational, yet you can not lose weight.   This happens because your life script is such that food has emotional meaning to you, it may comfort you or have childhood associations.   Without reprogramming your subconscious, or life script, it will be extremely difficult to lose the weight.   This is why hypnotherapy and hypnosis works.

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