Is Vitamin B12 Good For Hair Health?

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While not as common as the male version, women’s hair loss still affects a large number of women. The causes can include both medical and genetic conditions, plus the natural aging process. There are numerous ways to treat hair loss in women, no matter what causes it.

A change in diet is one of the first things your doctor will tell you to try. It is both the cheapest and easiest way to start finding your cure. Both nutritionists and doctors agree that high protein, low fat & carbohydrates is as good for your overall health as it is for your hair. A lack of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet, plus low iron, can cause an anemia that will reduce the red blood cells in your body, which can cause some women’s hair loss.

Broccoli and brewer’s yeast are a couple of examples of foods that can be added to your diet to increase the amount of iron in your blood. Good fat examples include walnuts, soy and fish. These can help improve your hair’s health, plus also possibly stop the hair loss.

B Vitamins for hair growth include B12 and Biotin. Many doctors that prescribe well known treatments like Rogaine or Propecia will often prescribe Biotin at the same time. Although it is found in liver and eggs, the amounts are tiny and it just isn’t practical to eat as much as you would need to make a difference. If you find that you need more Biotin, supplements are your best bet for getting the amount you need.

Hair dyes and permanent wave solutions very rarely are the cause for women’s hair loss. However, they can cause your hair to become brittle and break off, making it seem like you have less hair. When you have less hair to start with, you want to be sure you treat what you do have to the very best products available. Not only will they keep it from breaking, it will make your remaining hair seem thicker & fuller.

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