Juicing Recipes: How to Juice Fruits and Vegetables

Who wants to stay healthy and young and beautiful? I am quite sure everyone does. You can get a healthy and beautiful body with the help of joking fresh vegetables and fruits. Because of all the good news which has been said about juicing, more people are now getting into the action.

A lot have already headed to the market to buy juicers. If you do not have one, you should get one right away. There is a wide array of juicers sold today. You should get one enough for you and your family’s needs.

Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Guidelines

New juicers or beginners in the juicing community often make a lot of mistakes because they are unfamiliar with the process and they need all the possible help they can get. Well, we have come up with some guidelines here so that you can start making your very own juicing recipes.

Only buy organic fruits and vegetables. They may cost you more than produce which is not organic but you can be assured that what you are juicing and drinking does not have any chemicals. Organic produce are safer for everyone. Decide what recipes you want to try so that you know what to buy and you have enough supplies.

Wash the fruits and vegetables before you start juicing them. Make sure they are thoroughly clean. Depending on the juicer you have, you might need to slice the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. This is why most people want to get juicers with bigger mouths or chutes.

Before you juice, make sure that there is bowl or cup attached to the spout or under it to avoid easting the extract. Slowly start feeding your juicer and alternate soft produce with hard produce so that your juicer will not clog. Slowly put produce to the feeder but be careful. If you push too hard, you could damage the juicer.

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