Laser Tattoo Removal – Things You Should Consider

Laser tattoo removal seems to be the number one for consumers for tattoo removal options. It has been the most sought after method because of its popularity, effectiveness and safety.

However there are several things you should consider before choosing laser tattoo removal as your method. First of all you should consider the size of your tattoo. The bigger the tattoo design that harder it is to erase. You need to book several appointments for the treatment to erase the design completely.

The age of the tattoo also affects tattoo removal. The older the tattoo the longer the ink pigments are on the skin making the removal process harder. However, you cannot erase a new tattoo. The ink must settle first on the layers of the skin and besides the area is still sore and open making skin infection a possibility.

The tattoo location is also a factor to consider. Designs on the bony and irregular places of the body like the fingers, toes and ankles are harder to erase compared to tattoos on the flat and smooth surfaces like the back, chest and stomach.

People who are hypersensitive or allergic to seafood, eggs and poultry products must be careful in choosing laser tattoo removal since a local anesthetic is used.

The last thing to consider, and probably the most important one, is your budget. Laser tattoo removal could be very expensive depending on where you would like to go for the treatment. A single session could cost up to $500 depending on the factors listed above. It is best to shop around the web or your local paper for the best deal in town. You can find laser cosmetic procedures in most spas and skin clinics. Get to know your skin specialist before you book for a session and ask for opinions of people who have done laser as their method of choice.

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