Living with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a serious type of cancer that is caused by excessive exposure to asbestos. People who suffer from this type of ailment suffer from difficulty in breathing, chest pain and dry cough. Many patients suffering from this ailment undergoes in scanner pathology, radiography, MRI and chemotherapy. We all know that at the moment, there is no cure Mesothelioma and the purpose of these tests help determine whether or not they are positive in Mesothelioma.

The most common signs of Mesothelioma are chest pain, fatigue, difficulty with night crush, dry mouth, hemoptysis, dysphalgia and difficulty in swallowing. Only those who are suffering from this kind of pathology know how difficult it is to wake up every morning knowing that his days are numbered. It is true that if a person feels all hope is gone, his body goes with it and would give up.

People who suffer from this type of cancer must be patient and never lose hope because it is all you need to go through the grueling process. Because Mesothelioma is often presented in late stage, people who suddenly find out that they are diagnosed with this ailment would be depressed all their life. Mesothelioma survivor’s only drive to live is their family and friends.

People must understand that this is a type of ailment with no cure. I firmly believe that Mesothelioma survivors are the strongest. Knowing there is no cure for this ailment is hard, but they chose to live and is difficult, being able to see them go through with it everyday is just incredible.

We all know that Mesothelioma has no 100% survival rate, but there are those who are still in difficulty, and passed to intimidate and are somehow able to live a happy life than ever diagnosed with this disorder. Being able to go through life under this condition requires more than faith, but with love and support of family and friends for their safeguarding, little by little, they will see that there is more to life. They will somehow realize how important life is and will learn to appreciate it more.

Mesothelioma survivors need all the support we can give them. They need to feel loved and supported in every step of the way. Those who live in normal conditions should understand how important life is and should know how lucky we are that we are healthier and has more time here on earth. We should learn from them and little by little we will realize the world is such a beautiful place to live in.

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