Maximize Your Hair Growth

It seems as if your hair never grows fast enough — except in those areas where you want it the least, say your legs, underarms, eyebrows. No, in those places you can practically see the next hair emerge the second you pluck one out or shave one off. While on your head, hair takes its sweet time growing. But by making a few changes, being persistent and having patience, you can maximize your hair growth.

How to Grow Hair Faster

As you know, hair grows pretty slowly, about five to six inches a year on the average person. This breaks down to half an inch a month or less. Of course, this mainly comes down to genetics, but there are plenty of things that you could be doing that slow it down even more.

Common habits that can be hurting your hair growth include drinking too much alcohol, caffeine and soda (or other carbonated beverage), smoking too much, sleeping too little and eating poorly. These deprive your body and, by default, your follicles of nutrients. Stress can also inhibit growth and even halt it if it is extremely high.

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If you want to amp up your hair growth, honestly assess which of these habits apply to you and change them. Limiting junk food, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine intake is good; eliminating them is better. Remember, you are not going to see massive changes to begin with, so why not go all out if your goal is to grow hair faster?

Feed your follicles well — they need proper nutrition to produce strong healthy hair. Start by replacing high-salt, high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie choices with real, whole foods that are rich in nutrients: dark leafy greens, vibrant vegetables, colorful fruits, protein-laden legumes.

Also add hair vitamins, such as beta carotene, biotin, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E as well as flaxseed oil, silica, saw palmetto and gotu kola.

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