The Minilift Facelift is a Minimally Invasive Procedure

Skin looking dewy and healthy can be achieved through microdermabrasion or a surgical face lift. New facelift procedure now is less invasive. There are many techniques that can reduce wrinkles and signs of aging in a very “soft” way compared to the past. One of this new procedure is called minilifting:

The minilifting can give back good profile and volume of the face (with age the roundness of the face disappears together with the turgidity of the cheeks and cheekbones) and naturally fight face and neck aging.

Nowadays it’s possible, thanks to fiber optic and special absorbable biocompatible wires, replace the volumes and profiles, acting through small tunnels in the skin with vertical small tractions that contrast the “natural” aging of the face and neck , ensuring the naturalness and harmony of the surgical intervention.

This mini face lift is performed under local anesthesia, without affecting the central nervous system, and it’s absolutely painless. The surgery takes about two hours, no scars remain visible (the excess skin is removed and hidden behind the ear) in both the short and the long term.

Local anesthesia also allows you to talk or smile to the patient during surgery, thus allowing a dynamic assessment to the surgeon and a natural end, not only static.

Also one of the main thing is that this technique ensures naturalness and harmony of an intervention that makes unexpected the use of a cosmetic surgeon.

This facelift under local anesthesia, also called “quick lift” can be done at any age, of course, still remain the general contraindications of each cosmetic surgery that the doctor should investigate.

The final advantage of this method: mini face lift will cost less than the traditional face lift under general anesthesia. For example average price of a complete mini face lift is about 2000 Us dollars.

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