Most Common Causes for Burning Itchy Eyes

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There are plenty of possible reasons that can be given as to why you may be experiencing burning itchy eyes. Knowing them is important as your treatment methods will be based on the cause that has brought it about in your particular case. While it may be impossible to enumerate all of the causes, below you’ll find a few common ones that you can start with.

Possible causes for burning, irritated, itchy eyes:

●     Environmental factors: Certain elements in the environment such as smoke, chemicals or other pollutants may be causing your itchy eyes. Avoidance from exposing yourself to such conditions in this case will prove to be the most effective course of action to take.

●     Conjunctivitis: More commonly known as “Pink Eye,” conjunctivitis is usually caused by either bacteria or viruses and is highly contagious, especially among children. Treatment for conjunctivitis will generally differ depending on the type (yes, there are different types as well), but for relief, cool or warm compresses will come highly recommended as well as artificial tears.

●     Dry Eyes: Lack of rest, Sun exposure, smoking, taking cold allergy medicines, as well as aging can lead to dry eyes which in any case will also lead to itching and irritation. Artificial tears in this case will be required as well as the discontinuation of any habits that may bring it about. Resting your eyes will also be necessary to promote normal functions as well as healing.

Of course you might already be familiar with some of the causes that have been mentioned above.

However, if you feel that the reasons for your problem are something else, the best course of action to take would be to pay your doctor a visit. A thorough diagnosis will bring the discomfort you’re experiencing to light, allowing you to medicate properly, safely and effectively.

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