My Santa Fe Dentist Guide to Mouth Guards

There are two uses of a dental mouth guard today. The first a safety measure for sports athletes in order to protect their teeth from injury, and the other to protect their teeth from grinding during sleep or during the day. While there are mouth guards available to buy in some sports stores or the pharmacy, there’s always the risk that these mouth guards are sub-par to the protection that you actually require. If you want absolute protection for your teeth, My Santa Fe Dentist can provide!

Special Mouth Guards

If you have a condition called temporomandibular joint dysfunction, you will need a special mouth guard that fits you perfectly. A mouth guard bought at the store risks it from getting worse. MySantaFeDentist is able to give you a thorough examination and if need be, issue you a special state of the art mouth guard that protects your teeth from impact and one that fits perfectly in your mouth. This way, you can be assured that your mouth and teeth will be protected from any danger that might come in a contact sport, or teeth grinding during your sleep or the day time.

Guide to Buying Mouth Guards

Buying your mouth guards in the store can get you an already set size for teeth. They come in small, medium, large or one size fits all sizes, which do not really fit your mouth as well as they should. Unless you are absolutely sure about your size, it is advised that you go with the one size fits all. These mouth guards are usually fitted to your mouth by soaking them in hot water until flexible. After it is pliable, it is then placed in your mouth where you bite down thereafter. This is done so that the mouth guard will create an impression on your teeth like a mold.

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