My Tips for Dealing With Psoriasis

I have been in a struggle to control my psoriasis since I first got it four years ago.  It seems that something that works well one day doesn’t work at all the next.   It is so hard finding out that you are going to be dealing with something for the rest of your life.  I figured there were many other people out there who were fighting this condition as well, so I might as well write a post giving some tips and advice.

The first thing I recommend for people who just found out they have psoriasis is to not panic.  Go online and research it – WebMD and are great places to start.  If you see pictures of people with scales covering 90% of their body, do not just assume this is going to happen to you.  The odds of that happening are very, very slim.  The most important thing to do is remain positive and upbeat; stress is not good for psoriasis.

The most important thing you need to do if you really want to clear your skin up and be healthier in general is avoid alcohol.  I have found alcohol to be the absolute worst thing in the world for my psoriasis.  Every time I go out at night with my buddies and have a few drinks, I find myself breaking out before I even go to bed that night.  I cannot emphasize this enough – if you want to get rid of your psoriasis, you need to abstain from drinking altogether.

For everyone out there battling psoriasis, you are not in this battle alone.  There are so many others going through what you are – they can provide support and help you when you need it.  It is best to view this condition as a challenge to overcome, one that is going to make you that much stronger in the long run.

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