National Medical Billing Services – The Entire Medical Profession Runs on Codes

The medical profession is one that is replete with paperwork.  In fact, it is probably one of the most tree unfriendly professions on the planet.  Patient files alone are a massive undertaking of ink and paper products.  Anyone who has been to a doctor’s office more than a few times has probably seen an entire wall or room dedicated to nothing but patient files, some of which are so thick they can hardly be lifted.

The System Would Fail

The entire billing and diagnostic departments of all health institutions constitutes mountains of paperwork.  Both of those departments are founded on a coding system to keep the information private and as an organizational tool.  Medical billing services would come to a grinding halt without this vital system.  The entire field of healthcare is a long series of encoded files, facts, and figures.  There is a numeric or alphanumeric code assigned to every disease or condition, every diagnostic ledger, every medical procedure, and bill.  This is especially true of electronic medical billing services.

An Amazing Memory

I once visited a medical billing services California office to apply for a position and was amazed at the intricate and almost impossible coding system that they had in place.  Even more amazing was the fact that the supervisor of nurses there had a couple of million of them memorized.  It takes a coding professional to keep track of the national medical billing services codes for some of the larger and more active medical billing companies.

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

Electronic medical billing services and coding is almost a required course if you want to work for medical billing companies as a medical billing services specialist.  While medical billing services does not require a degree to do, it helps if you are to understand the coding systems.  The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System, otherwise known as HCPCS, is a great guide for the patient for understanding their prescribed services.  The problem is that there are a zillion codes and several levels to learn.

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