Natural Remedies For A Pinched Nerve In The Leg

Treatment for a pinched nerve in the leg will be about relieving the uncomfortable symptoms that it gives, such as muscle pain and weakness. This is because there is no fast cure to heal a pinched leg. Most cases are caused by compression of a muscle against the sciatic nerve, which goes down the back of each leg. In time pinched nerve leg pain will go away on its own, but in the meantime you can try the natural remedies below to relieve discomfort and make it easier for you to walk and move your leg around normally.

Sometimes pinched nerves in the leg are caused by too much exercise or repeating too many movements, causing the muscles to shift and swell and end up pinching a nerve. Rest from vigorous activities as long as you need to; your doctor or physical therapist may require bed rest for a few days or advise you to start getting at least seven hours of sleep each night to help your legs get back to good working order, therefore healing the pinched nerve.

Throbbing or steady leg pain can be eased by controlling blood circulation to the area, and keeping your legs elevated can do the job quickly. When lying down, raise your legs so that the ankles are placed higher than the hips by propping it up with pillows or against your bedstead. This will naturally slow down blood circulation while still keep the veins nourished. The muscles in your legs will also relax, easing compression against the nerves.

Ice packs
Seen as the best, safest, and quickest natural pain reliever, ice packs present no danger whatsoever of overdosing and side effects that you can get with medicines and painkillers. Place an ice pack on the throbbing site to quickly relieve pain, and if your muscles are swollen, the coldness will naturally bring down inflammation too. There are many cold packs for sale that you can fill with ice cubes, or you can also make one by using a plastic bag and covering it with a cotton cloth for your own homemade ice pack.

Muscle stretches
Compressed and tight muscles can lead to pinched nerves, and the right stretches can strengthen, relax, and make your muscles more flexible. These stretches are a full body workout, for neck exercises for pinched nerve in the leg may affect and ease the pain. This is because the nerves are all interconnected. Ask your doctor for a good physical therapist specializing in easing pinched nerve symptoms to start learning the right stretches and exercises you can do everyday.

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