Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Sore throat is a very common condition experienced by a lot of people. It is a common disorder that affects the nasal and oral passageway. A cough and sore throat are often together and may be associated with possible occurrence of flu, and other common ailments. Though these are typically mild conditions, it is never very pleasant to deal with a sickness.

In medical terms, sore throat is defined depending on which body structure is affected. When it is observed in the pharynx, it is called Pharyngitis. It is known as Laryngitis when the larynx is affected; and lastly called Epiglottitis when it is felt in the epiglottis. Sore throat is characterized as swelling and inflammation of any of these oral or nasal structures.

It is caused by different reasons. The most usual cause is viruses that are responsible for flu, oral blisters, and mononucleosis commonly known as mono or the kissing disease. These viruses often lead to cause unrelenting sore throat. Another cause would be post nasal drip. Bacterial infection from streptococcus and arcanobacterium may also lead to sore throat. Minor reasons are excessive smoking, extreme shouting, loud talking and excessive singing, allergies to food, acid reflux, and many more. Rare cases of sore throat are also because of antibiotic regimen and chemotherapy.

Most likely, common sore throats are symptoms of an upcoming cold or flu which tends to disappear after a while. For most health plans, over the counter drugs may be used to relieve pain and irritation. Particular dosage of acetaminophen and analgesics are proven to relieve sore throat. Warm water with salt may also be used as gargle to soothe throat irritation.

Aside from these known sore throat remedies, there are also natural sore throat remedies like lemons, apple cider vinegar, honey tea, Slippery Elm lozenges, licorice tea, marshmallow root team, sage and honeysuckle tea and many more, which can be commonly purchased from herbal or Chinese drugstores.

On the other hand, a need to seek professional help is essential to rule out a more serious sore throat condition, especially if severe signs and symptoms are accompanying the sore throat.

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