Top 3 Reasons Why Some Hate Using Neutrogena Face Wash Products

Many people have to deal with acne, which is among the most prevalent and challenging skin conditions there is.  Due to this fact, a lot of men, women and teenagers all over the world are always on the lookout for new products that can cure pimples and provide the best skincare possible.  Neutrogena facial wash and many other Neutrogena products are among the most popular skincare formulas used by people today, but some users have problems and complaints about this particular line skincare solution.

Here are some of the reasons why some hate using Neutrogena Face Wash Products:

They Contribute to the Onset of More Acne Outbreaks

One of the things that you want from a facial wash is to provide appropriate cleansing, not to aggravate existing skin problems.  There are many remedies for getting rid of pimples, but using the wrong facial cleanser is definitely not one of them.  Some people have reported experiencing more severe bouts with acne after they started using Neutrogena face wash, which can only cause more frustration, not to mention the subsequent depression of having to deal with more serious skin problems.

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The Wash Causes the Skin to Dry Out

Another complaint that people have about Neutrogena face wash is that it causes the skin to become too dry, which would only lead to overcompensation by the  sebaceous glands.  This translates to more aggressive oil production which leads to a very vicious cycle that does not benefit the skin at all.  Effective acne remedies, whether they are in the form of wash or foam, are those that can control oil production and not induce more gland activity.

Mild to Severe Skin Irritation

People with acne are supposed to stay away from products that can cause any and all adverse side effects such as itching, redness, blotches and facial bumps.  Neutrogena products has reportedly caused mild to severe allergic reactions which do not only cause discomfort, but extreme anxiety as well.

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