New Balance Elliptical Trainers

New Balance is a very well known and respected brand of running shoes. Their products are associated with the high quality image of their brand. What many people don’t know, however, is that new balance also has a line of home gym equipment available for purchase. But, the question is: Is the quality of their gym equipment line up to par with their quality shoe image?

Because New Balance has a successful shoe enterprise they have the available resources to invest in research and development of new and cutting edge workout equipment. Also, Fitness Quest is the company that they have chosen to license their machines. This is a well known and well respected company in the exercise equipment market.

New Balance elliptical machines are manufactured in both the 8000 and 9000 models for home use. Each of these machines has the features that an individual has come to expect in a quality elliptical machine. Customizable levels of resistance, preprogrammed workouts, and a heart rate monitors are standard on these machines.

Adjustable stride length allows individuals of all different heights to experience a comfortable workout that mimics their actual running stride. This is an important factor for both men and women. The differences in a persons height can cause them to experience discomfort or difficulty working out on a machine with a stride length that is uncommon to them.

Both the 8000 and 9000 models come with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty also. A 10 year warranty is available for the machine’s body. Two years for all electronic components and 1 year for parts replacement.

Overall, the New Balance elliptical machines are of high quality, are durable, and boast a decent warranty. These high quality home gym machines can each be purchased for around $1,000 new, which is near the standard price for a quality elliptical machine, but discounts can be found on and offline if you are willing to comparison shop.

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