New Innovations Of Back Stretchers

The new innovations of back stretching equipment today provide people a wide variety of options when they are shopping around for a back stretcher to help them with their back and spine problems. If you are one of them, then you must be at the point of deciding which one to choose and which to purchase. I hope this brief description about the different types and brands of back stretchers will help you in your decision making.

Lumbar Extenders

These are simple lumbar stretchers which are cheap, easy to use, and equally efficient for back pain, spine decompression, and stress relief. Lumbar extender features curved or arched shaped bench which allows users to lie over the convex portion, relax and feel immediate relief from all sorts of pain and stress. It even promotes good posture and other health benefits. It is sold for as low as $28 ranging up to $100 so it can be a truly inexpensive investment.

arched lower back stretcher
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Lynx Portable Stretcher

This back stretching device is popularly used because of its unique features. It looks very much different from lumbar extenders. It has foot supports and leverage handles. It is used by allowing the users to secure their ankles in the foot supports and stretch by reaching the leverage handles using their hands. This allows maximum traction which promotes flexibility, spine decompression and spine alignment. It is also foldable, lightweight, portable and cheap at only $99.

Stamina Inversion Table

Inversion tables are back stretchers as well with additional and comprehensive benefits. This means that they will not only relieve back pain but they will also allow you all the benefits of inversion therapy to the body. There is a wide array of inversion machines in the market but Stamina Gravity is one of the most popular in terms of its cost, quality, and features. It will allow you to fully invert so it will provide you full body stretch than just back stretch with lynx or lumbar stretchers. It is also reasonably priced so its cost will not really be an issue especially that its benefits are truly amazing.

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