Optimal Health and Wellbeing Diet

Some people do not find it particularly useful to squabble over the semantics of what the vegetarian diet should or should not be called. What is important is that at long last Americans are beginning to realize that optimal health and wellbeing does not comes from products like meat, cheese and eggs, but rather from diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes that become part of many smoothie recipes.

Clearly, although there is still much research that remains to be done, the public and professional view of vegetarianism became more positive. It is rarely still condemned as a faddish way of eating or as a starvation regimen. More and more authorities are concluding that vegetarianism can be the best way of achieving a healthy diet, and that vegetarianism is simply nothing but eliminating animal products from this diet. The health benefits that result are no secret now. There is abundant scientific evidence that proves the adequacy and, in fact, superiority of the vegetarian diet and diet rich in fruit juice and smoothie. Perhaps, as this information is spread and gains even more credibility, people will start to act upon the words of an eighteen century French economist who said: “The destiny of a people depends on the nature of its diet”.

The low fiber diet habit in the US began sometime around 1870, when new milling techniques replaced stone mills. White bread suddenly became cheaply available to everyone, replacing the hearty brown and black breads previously eaten as a staple by the less than wealthy. Overall consumption of bread and cereals has decreased since the late 1800s. Between 1890 and 1960, the national intake of sugar more than doubled, and fat intake rose too. Protein has been consumed in amounts that triple the recommended daily allowance.

Thus, in only three generations, by lowering our intake of whole grains, increasing our intake of refined flour and sweeteners, and increasing meat and fat consumption, people in the pursuit of prosperity, have been heedlessly risking their health, a high protein, fatty, sugary, low fibre diet is not conductive to optimal functioning.

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