Pain In Foot: Possible Causes And Quick Treatments

A pain in the foot is a sure sign that not all is going well with it. Foot pain isn’t a rare disorder, simply because those of us with functioning feet use them pretty much all the time when we’re not lying down, and they will inevitably face problems sooner or later. Pain happens when the sensory nerves of the feet get injured, and that can happen due to a variety of causes.

Damaged tissues and nerves – When you bump your toes into something hard or drop a heavy object on your feet, this can cause damage to the tissues and nerves. Severe injuries can lead to strained muscles, open cuts, and/or sprained toes. The best thing to do for injured feet is to get your weight off them and to stop moving around, for this can cause even more damage to injured muscles and nerves and will also encourage more blood to flow from wounds.

Although you can take painkillers to get pain relief, remember that the absence of pain doesn’t mean you can start using the injured foot again, especially for cases of severe injury where the foot went through massive bleeding or is badly swollen. Rest is the most important treatment for all kinds of foot injuries, and refraining from moving and using the injured foot is the best way to ensure fast and complete recovery.

Sudden foot pain – If you experience a sudden ache on one or both feet and see nothing wrong with them whatsoever, then you may have a pinched nerve in foot. This can occur when one or more nerves get constricted, leading to almost constant pain or numbness. Severely pinched nerves can lead to muscle weakness in the foot that can travel up the leg.

A pinched nerve on the foot cannot be treated right away, although doctors recommend a combination treatment of rest, strengthening exercises, and relaxing massages to help ease the constriction on the nerve as quickly as possible.

Toe sprains – Too much stress on the front part of the feet can lead to degeneration of the connections surrounding the toes, especially on the big toe joint, and this can lead to a sprain. Turf toe is the phrase used for a sprained big toe caused by constant exercise or sudden loss of balance that pushed the toe way past its comfort zone. If not treated properly turf toe and other toe sprains won’t recover completely and will most likely occur again and again, so visit a foot doctor or podiatrist right away to get the feet checked and treated for any possible bone fractures or joint dislocations.

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